Thinking like a social worker

…any questions? Yes. I have plenty.


Below are some recommended reads.  If you are interested in more information about the book, click the image to be linked to amazon.  AND please make suggestions of other good books.

Naked Economics by Charles Wheelan

The book explains economics in a way that is actually interesting.  I am currently about half way through the text.  So far the book has been very informative using common sense explanations for economic theories.  I have also learned that not even Wheelan can make the stock market interesting to me.

American Dream: Three Women, Ten Kids, and a Nation’s Drive to End Welfare by Jason DeParle

The story of three cousins relationship with welfare juxtaposed to welfare reform in DC.  The book could be slow at times, but it is does a good job of showing both sides of the reform.  The anecdotal stories of the mothers did give me hope for welfare reform.  When welfare is cut off, individuals will find other ways to survive, but surviving is the key.  To me, the book shows that the current system for measuring poverty in the US needs to be updated.  Most of all, I was appalled and fascinated by the language used by those in power during the 1990’s welfare reform.  I believe this book is a should read for those interested in working in welfare.

There Are No Children Here by Alex Kotlowitz

This book follows the life of two young brothers as they grow up in a Chicago public housing complex.  It illustrates the traumas that can be involved for children living in substandard housing.  These two boys were severely influenced by their environment in negative ways.


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