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American made: Marathon training

I posted earlier about 2013 being the year of firsts.  One of those firsts is training for my first marathon. Currently, all of my workout clothing were given to me, so I do not have many pieces that are made in the USA. I have listed all of the stuff I currently own, and have scoured the internet for new finds. The clothing below are not all designed for running, some are for yoga or the gym. Also, not all brands are entirely made in the USA, so make sure to check before you buy.

USA gear I already own:


  • Beyond Yoga yellow bra – I bought it on-sale on My boobs look great in the bra, but there is not much bounce protection.  It would be better for smaller breasts (I am a size 34 D/32 F), but works well if I double it with another bra.
  • Handful orange bra – I pre-ordered this bra, so I received the first shipment of their American made bra. I think they are still working out some kinks. I bought a medium.  It is too small for my boobs in the front, but gaps on the sides like it is too large. It is definitely designed for smaller breasts, because I still bounce if I double it with another sports bra.
  • Wicker underwear – They go above my belly button, so I either wear them with high wasted pants, or roll them down.  I never feel sweaty when wearing them, so they do their job!


  • Expert Performance race tee – I love that SportsBackers supports American made product. I got this tee in “Key Lime” for the Patrick Henry Half tee. It is pretty basic, but light. breathable, and in a wonderfully bright color!
  • Sports Science women’s v-neck – It got this tee with the SportsBackers Marathon Training team. It is black, so I have not worn it as much as I would like. I have noticed the V-neck is too small, so I can feel it on my neck as I run.
  • I also have a pair of running shorts and a sports bra from Asics, but I have never found other clothing from the U.S.


  • Newbalance – I like the feel of my current pair of 890v3, but they are getting beat-up a lot quicker that my other New Balances. Most likely, because I typically get standard shoes, and these are lightweight trainers.
  • Body Glide – Good for chaffing. Good for the USA 🙂
  • Garmin Forerunner 305 – It is not made in the USA, but it I bought it used. I love being able to track my pace while running.

Other brands proudly made in USA:

Good for me:




Coming soon:

Now that I have sweated all over my clothes and prefer not to do weekly laundry, I am excited about treating myself to some new clothing and gear. I especially need new tops, bras, and socks, and a running belt. When I finally treat myself, I will let you know how I like them.

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Monday Morning Share: Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!

Over the past couple weeks, I have been following a beautiful labor movement –  The fast food protests to increase the minimum wage.  I also had the opportunity to watch pieces of the 50th anniversary of the March of Washington.  When I hear about people coming together to fight inequality, I ALWAYS cry, because it gives me hope for America’s future.  So while I share many articles on the politics of poverty and studies about poverty in Virginia and around the nation, I am hopeful that together we can demand opportunity for all Americans.

Poverty in Virginia – summer 2013:

  1. Virginia Scorecard shows poverty is worsening.  The poverty section gives more detail about the score.  It also reports that the state has limited influence on poverty.  What?!  I think my multiple articles below shows that the government can have a huge impact on poverty.
  2. Voices for Virginia’s Children report on VA’s Kids Count Profile.  This report also shows setbacks in economic well-being.  Child poverty  has increased by 15 percent since 2005.
  3. Richmond’s Mayor talks about Restructuring Municipal Budgets to Fight Poverty in Spotlight on Poverty.
  4. Virginia Poverty Measure (VPM) gives Virginians a more accurate picture of economic distress.  Its an poverty measure similar to the SPM that I wrote about in January, but focuses on individual-level data.
  5. I just learned about a new blog: through The Commonwealth Institute.  It covers economic issues in Virginia.


  1. A couple articles focus on the Cato Institutes report on welfare: Right-Wing Media Have No Clue How Anti-Poverty Programs Work and Think tank says poor Americans have it too good.
  2. Republicans Are Wearing Driving Millions Into Poverty as a Badge of Honor discusses the sequester’s effect on individuals in poverty.
  3. Expert Testimony from Tianna Gaines-Turner, who is living in and fighting poverty, that was not heard in Washington.
  4. Poverty & Policy blog explains attacks on SNAP program in Congress.
  5. 80 percent of U.S. adults face near poverty, unemployment: Survey is a recent survey through AP.  There has been much discussion around it’s findings.
  6. Our growing racial wealth gap talks about a recent study from Urban Institute.

Please share with me other articles that I may have missed this month.  If you are interested in more up-to-date posts, I retweet articles on my twitter feed throughout the month.

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