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Monday Morning Share: July was intense

on July 22, 2013

Did I mention July was intense!?

Congress trying to cut SNAP, Wendy Davis standing up for women’s rights, Supreme Court taking away voting rights, Supreme court acknowledging rights of LBTQ families, everyone ignoring the sequester’s affect on food and housing, George Zimmerman being acquitted, and more that hasn’t crossed my radar.

Does your brain ever hurt trying to work through systemic issues that plague our country?

My brain is hurting today.

I am taking time to read many thoughtful articles discussing the implications of Trayvon’s tragic death, and the trail that followed.

  7. And a list of articles I have not read yet:

At the same time, I am reading about our government’s attempt to slash funds to housing and food for individuals and families in poverty.


While I read reflections on the George Zimmerman case, I reflect on my own prejudices and white privilege. As I read about our government taking away access to basic necessities, I can’t help but to think about who is deserving and undeserving of those necessities.

If I still have beliefs that are oppressive and judgmental and just plain wrong, what is the rest of America thinking?


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