Thinking like a social worker

…any questions? Yes. I have plenty.

Sunday Evening Share: Spring Snow

on March 24, 2013

If you are wondering about my week:

  1. I felt icky about Pallotta’s TED talk on increasing nonprofit overhead.  I understand innovation, but I also know how important our causes are, so how important it is to be good stewards of our finances.
  2. I cried reading about the father-daughter dance that took place at Richmond City Jail.  It really restored my faith in humanity.

I also found the below articles interesting.


Social Work

  1. Starting a career at a reproductive justice social worker
  2. Social work and liberalism 


  1. Scientists believe ending poverty hinges on tougher environmental goals
  2. Why there is little coverage of Americans struggling with poverty and Questions about coverage on poverty
  3. Can home visiting alleviate poverty? 


  1. Schools segregation by race and income worsening in the Richmond region
  2. Smart, low-income students are applying the the wrong colleges
  3. Richmond high schools create alternatives to suspension


Upcoming Free Webinars:

  1. List from Wild Apricot
  2. List from nonprofit webinars

I am looking for good resources on support groups and bereavement groups.  If anyone knows of any, please comment with the link below!


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