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Sunday Evening Share

on March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  The second week of March has treated me well.  I enjoyed the leadership talk with Rosetta Thurman, Trista Harris, and Paul Schmitz.  I learned that congress has a social work caucus.  I nodded furiously to Classroom to the Capital posts: Patience: An overrated virtue and There’s Always Something We Can Do.  I sadly missed the first Social Work Helper twitter chat about online advocacy, but plan to join the next.  And I mourned the coming loss of Google reader – any suggestions on something similar?

There was some great news this week:

And some news that won’t go way:

  • People are still arguing about raising the minimum wage.  (Which gives me a strong urge to punch people.)
  • NYC may still be able to enjoy oversize beverages, so NYC needs to find a new way to address connection between poverty and obesity.

Special Topics:


  1. Chicago Tribune investages Chicago Public Schools publishing An Empty-Desk Epidemic.
  2. David Sirota writes about possible hidden agendas of wealthy educational reformers in Salon.

Professional Development:


  •  The Science of Communication was a great presentation by Sendhil Mullainathan.  My epiphanies:   1.) Don’t tell people what to do, help them do it by making the positive behavior easier.  2.) Sometimes making a big impact means focusing on small changeable behaviors.


Upcoming free webinars:


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