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Sunday Evening Share: Injustice Everywhere

on March 11, 2013

On Friday, the world celebrated International Women’s Day.  That same day I learned that  Zerlina Maxwell was harassed after saying men can prevent rape.  Seriously?!  As a social worker, do ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of injustice in the world?  If so, make sure to check out the social work section I will be including all March for Social Work Month.

Special Topics:

Social Work:

  1. Vice recently shared the view of a disgruntled social worker in SF which sparked social workers to share their their own opinions.  One discusses a differing opinion of working in SF; another expresses her anger at the post; and last discusses the obligation of organizations to social workers.
  2. The Political Social Worker discusses Social Work’s Visibility Problem.
  3. Classroom to Capitol reminds us to believe our clients.


  1. Video depicting the wealth inequality in America.
  2. Greg Kaufmann reviews two documentaries on poverty in America.


  1. A timeline of the Richmond region’s civil rights in public schools by The Richmond Times Dispatch.

Professional Development:

Free Webinars:

  1. Everyone Leads: 5 Ways to Step Up and Make a Greater Impact in Your Work – Monday, March 11th @ 12PM
  2. Who is poor in this country and why – Wednesday, March 13th @ 2PM
  3. Poverty, Public Education, and Corporate Influence – Monday, March 11th @ 8PM


  1. Conference on Race, Class, Opportunity and School Boundaries in the Richmond Region • March 13-14, 2013
  2. Articles on Creativity: Bruce Nussbaum explains how to find and amplify creativity.  Another blog asks Bruce additional questions about creativity.

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