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Saturday Morning Share: Avoiding sequestration

on March 2, 2013

Happy Social Work Month!  This week seemed to be all about the sequestration, which is very depressing and frustrating to me.  So I have been avoided the topic all week.   Here are some of the goodies (minus the cliff) I found interesting this week:

Special Topics:


  1. Comparison of Benefits for Poor Families to Middle-Class Incomes Is Deeply Flawed – Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (I blogged on this topic back in December.  CBPP gives a much more in depth look at the senate document.)


  1. Mathematica 2013 Report on KIPP Middle Schools Impacts on Achievement and Other Outcomes and a rebuttal from School Finance 101
  2. School Culture and the Civic Empowerment Gap – Harvard Education Letter 
  3. More Black Men in College than in Prison – The American Prospect

Professional Development:

FREE Upcoming Webinars:

  1. March listing of free webinars on the Wild Apricot Blog
  2. Addressing homelessness and mental health challenges – Friday, March 8th @ 9AM
  3. Who is poor in this country and why – Wednesday, March 13th @ 2PM

Anything I missed this week?


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