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American Made: Nephew on the way

on February 17, 2013

For the past two weeks, I have my been test driving my underwear (mentioned in a recent post).  I love both brands: Uranus Apparel and Bella Materna.  They are both comfortable and have made it through the wash unharmed.  Through these purchases, I also learned that I am a size small, not medium in underwear!  This is great for my self-esteem, and also means I now own extremely comfortable undies.

Even more exciting news:  There is a little guy growing inside my sister(-in-law)!  I plan to shower him with gifts and love.  So far, I have scored a 50%, a failing grade, on my baby gift purchases.  Out of the eight gifts I have bought, three were American made (Angel Baby shampoo and lotion, and Prince Lioheart Dishwasher Basket); one was used; and four were made in China.  Luckily, I have plenty of time to improve my GPA.

Below are some good places for me to start:

  1. My local baby store, Franklin Goose, has a whole Made in USA section on their website.
  2. ABC World News encouraged their viewers buy Made in American for Christmas.  They have a a comprehensive list of items on their website.
  3. The blog Made in USA Challenge also has a long company list.

As always, I will update you along the way.


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