Thinking like a social worker

…any questions? Yes. I have plenty.

A thank you note to my dad

on February 10, 2013


Eleven years sneaked up on me today.  That’s how long you’ve been gone.  I not sure how to feel.  I am happy for my current life, guilty for being happy, sad for lost memories, and mad that people don’t know who you are.  In the past eleven years, I have graduated from school four times, got married, bought a house, and started my first real job.  You missed it all, but beautifully big government made you a part of my important milestones.

FERS paid for my expenses during college, and social security helped me with my first down payment on a house.  Some families experience terrible trauma without that safe net, but as a teenager, I was able to keep my house; continue hobbies; eat three good meals a day; hug mom every night; and go to college on time (and on you and mom’s dime).  I was able to save the money you left me to create a nest egg, where as millions of families used their social security to keep them out of poverty.  Because of these experiences, I know I will be safe and loved no matter what comes my way.

Now, I am a social worker, not because of bad things that happened in my life but because of all of the good.  I wish everyone could be hopeful for their future, have equal opportunity to achieve their goals, and have a safety net when things go wrong.  But that’s not the case (I will working on it) – Luckily, because of you and mom, I have hope, opportunity, and a safe net.  Your life brought my childhood trust and love, and your death continually reminds me how lucky I am.

Thank you for everything, and I love you,

Little E


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